Looking for the Answers

Ever wanted to find out the answers to life? Ever tried to find them by ploughing through complicated literature? My books are written in simple easy to understand language to ensure you can follow the ideas and suggestions to improve your life and enjoy your time on this earth.

An Easy Handbook1 140x210Follow me into An Easy Handbook for Life where you will find the answers you are seeking – from who you are, to how you can lead a happier, more abundant life in simple, easy to understand words. You’ll be guided from your current problem-filled existence into a life of total fulfillment.

An Easy Handbook for Life is about helping yourself, finding out who you really are, and showing you how to do something about it. It will show you how to enjoy and move forward in your life to where you want to be.

The past is gone and cannot hurt us, the future is yours for the making – literally. Take hold of your courage and let yourself be helped and guided, with the knowledge that what you are about to commence will only improve your life.

You are loved. Always. There is always help at hand – you only have to ask, and it will be given!

An Easy Handbook for Life now has 24,000 downloads.

My second book HOPE follows on from book one, and contains more information on how to be who you really are.

The world needs a new beginning for all. It needs a fresh hope to realize there is a spiritualHope 140x210 awakening that can kick-start a revolution within our minds. Life has a metaphysical aspect to it that requires a belief. This book will start your life mission that never stops. It will give hope and encouragement to live the life you are meant to live.

Read on with an open mind. Live life with a purpose. Awareness never ends.

When you live your life with purpose, courage and intent, magic happens.