Elizabeth photo 606pxI am writer and a teacher. I’ve always been a seeker searching for how to live. The problem has always been to find someone who could answer questions simply and in an easy-to-follow way. All the literature in this area seemed to be complicated and open to interpretation.

Then I realised the Creator has never stopped speaking to us, and that anyone could be used as a messenger. Hence the channels opened and the message was delivered in my first book ‘An Easy Handbook for Life’. Further help for living will come through my second book ‘Hope’.

I have learnt much while writing An Easy Handbook for Life. If this book can help others to have a more prosperous, abundant life, then it has done its work.

I hope you receive as much joy reading and learning as I have in writing it.

“This is an amazing book. It is very easy to understand and follow and literally could turn someone’s life around. Many readers will agree with, and benefit from reading this material” –
Review Cynthia Sherman, Writer’s Literary Services, Florida.