Excerpt from An Easy Handbook for Life

Why didn’t the planner (God, the Source) ever make things simple and talk to us as was the case in ancient times? Surely we weren’t always to be kept in the dark until we died? Well, my answer came. Not as a burning bush, but as a still small voice that came into my mind with a book called “An Easy Handbook for Life”.

Your mind is creating the life of your choosing. This is happening constantly, at every moment of every day. What type of thoughts are coming from your mind? Many people have totally cluttered thoughts from a lifetime of bad habits. Constant negative thoughts create the drama in your life. Be careful, thinking constant negative thoughts will make that happen. Positive thinking will bring good results. Whatever you choose comes to pass. Remember you are Me in a human form. How all-powerful your thoughts really are.

I realise God speaks all the time to everyone. Open your mind to the presence as it’s always with you – even if you’ve forgotten.

Happiness is always there. Unhappiness comes and goes. Let the happiness become permanent.


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